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All patients attending the clinic have the right to request a chaperone.  This

is a very important factor to be aware of to ensure that all patients feel at ease and comfortable if a physical examination is needed as part of a thorough assessment of you pain or injury.

And you do not have to give a reason for making this request - FYSICL respects the preferences of everyone who attends for assessments and treatment.

Most importantly, the consultant will always take a full history of you problem first to best ascertain what examination is required. Then Dr Robertson will explain what sort of examination is needed.

If you are having a shoulder examination for example, wearing a vest top often means that there is no need to undress. But even then , please ask for a chaperone at any time.

And if you have a hip or groin or lower limb injury, it is best to bring shorts to change into, even if a chaperone is present, this make examining this area more comfortable and minimises the need to undress.

In addition, the doctor of physiotherapist may recommend that for injuries affecting the groin, pelvis or chest wall/ribs, that the examination is preferably completed in the presence of the clinic chaperone, in keeping with good practice.

Furthermore, if you prefer an external chaperone that is qualfiied in the role, please discuss this with reception ahead of your appointment.

Finally, not all reception staff are trained as chaperones, so on occasion it may be agreed that an examination be postponed until Kate (senior reception) is on duty.  Or better still, if you anticipate needing a chaperone ahead of the appointment, please make sure tyou attend on a day when kate is on duty.

The clinic has a notice about chaperone at reception - and it repeats the key messages from this page of the website.  Thankyou.

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