I see that sometimes other practitioners or phsyiotherapists treat patients at Fylde Sports Injury Clinic.  



is FYSICL liable for any mistakes or harm caused by treatment errors by other heal professionals who work at FYSICL as self-employed practioners (and who have "practicing privileges at the clinic)?


This is an important question - and one that Dr Robertson (as Medical Director) has provided a detailed and hopefully clear reply.  FYSICL is very careful to emply engage with experienced health practioners with a proven track record over an extended period and with excellent references. But, whilst the clinic takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all practitioners have the relevant experience, registrations and qualifications to deliver their services at the clinic, this does not shift the responsibility of professional liability from the practitioner to the clinic itself.

The advertisement of practitioners on clinic premises or via the website and the fact that patients are able to book appointments through our reception office does not itself constitute a specific recommendation or endorsement and patients should satisfy themselves that they are choosing to see a practitioner who is appropriate to their clinical needs.

For any other questions please do not hesitate to enquire at reception on 01772 802200. The clinic will be alert to “frequently recurring questions” and these will be added on to this list as and when the time comes.