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  • Do I need a consultation?
    Our clinicians have a responsibility to ensure that any treatments offered by them are appropriate. Therefore, even if your therapist or GP feels that a particular procedure is warranted, a fresh assessment/consultation (either an initial or a follow up) with our specialists will be necessary if they have not seen you with your condition recently. This is for your safety and to ensure the correct diagnosis is confirmed, or which tests are recommended to establish a diagnosis and to support explanations and discussions with you about the best options and choices for your treatment.
  • Can I have a consultation and a treatment at the same appointment?
    Many of our patients prefer to receive treatment at the same time as their initial or follow up consultation. This should be possible provided that: This is the patient’s preference and patient consent is given That it is medically appropriate to start treatment at that time That the consultation has not used up the whole allocated appointment time and there is sufficient appointment time remaining to carry out the procedure without the appointment having to over-run significantly (i.e. by no more than 10 minutes)
  • If I have a consultation and a treatment procedure during the same appointment, will I have to pay both the consultation fee and the treatment fee?"
    Yes, both fees apply but, in most cases, we’ll apply a discount since we recognise that there is usually a time saving where treatment is given at the same time as a consultation. So, provided that the consultation and the procedure can be completed within the allocated appointment time without the appointment needing to run over significantly (i.e. by no more than 10 minutes), we’ll discount the injection total fee by £75 for that visit.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    A comprehensive musculoskeletal examination and musculoskeletal treatment will usually require a degree of undressing. It is therefore very helpful for some patients to wear a sleeveless top if you have shoulder pain. Or other patients will be best to bring sports wear/spare shorts if attending with a lower limb or pelvic/hip injury.
  • What should I bring with me to my appointment?
    If you are taking any medication, please bring details of this with you. If you have any allergies, please ensure that you advise the doctor of this. If you have previously received investigations such as MRI scans, x-rays or blood tests because of your condition, it would be helpful if you could bring the results of these along with you. If you are attending for a follow up appointment, please ensure that you tell us if there have been any relevant changes (e.g. if you have changed address or your GP, or if your medication has been changed).
  • Can I bring a chaperone, family member or friend to the appointment?"
    The clinic welcomes a companion, as long as the patient has made their own decision on this with full consent. The clinic will also provide its own chaperone – indeed the default position is that you a chaperone will be available for every consultation; it is entirely your own choice - as you prefer.
  • What number should I call if I need to cancel or change my appointment?
    Please call 01772 802200. The sooner you can cancel or change then this is better for the clinic to reschedule appointments and not waste spaces. We kindly request a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel whenever possible, though we also respect that exigent circumstances do occur and will do our best to be flexible.
  • If I need an ultrasound scan to assist with the diagnosis and decisions on how to treat my injury, what does this mean?"
    The clinic owns its own modern state of the art Alpinion eCube8 ultrasound machine. This is the same technology that most people are used to for “baby scans”, and there is no radiation involved at all. The machine uses sounds waves (sonography) to build an image of your tendons muscle and ligaments to help assess injuries and swelling that are accessible to the scanner. Many injuries (such as spinal/low back pain) rarely benefit from an ultrasound exam, and hence, if your injury does not require or justify an ultrasound exam then no scan will be done. But in wrist, knee, ankle, foot, shoulder and hip/groin injuries it can be very useful to help with establishing the correct diagnosis, and often means avoiding the need for further tests.
  • How much will my treatment cost?
    This will depend on several factors. Some patients have health insurance, so before you attend please ensure you are clear about whether you need a GP referral letter and what your individual policy covers and entails, including excesses. For self-pay patients, most common fees are listed on the website. Either way, once the clinic has completed your initial assessment, the clinician will explain any treatment or test costs that are recommended. And indeed, if any treatment can be done back at your general practice, then this will be made clear to you as a potential extra choice/option.

I see that sometimes other practitioners or phsyiotherapists treat patients at Fylde Sports Injury Clinic.  



is FYSICL liable for any mistakes or harm caused by treatment errors by other heal professionals who work at FYSICL as self-employed practioners (and who have "practicing privileges at the clinic)?


This is an important question - and one that Dr Robertson (as Medical Director) has provided a detailed and hopefully clear reply.  FYSICL is very careful to emply engage with experienced health practioners with a proven track record over an extended period and with excellent references. But, whilst the clinic takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all practitioners have the relevant experience, registrations and qualifications to deliver their services at the clinic, this does not shift the responsibility of professional liability from the practitioner to the clinic itself.

The advertisement of practitioners on clinic premises or via the website and the fact that patients are able to book appointments through our reception office does not itself constitute a specific recommendation or endorsement and patients should satisfy themselves that they are choosing to see a practitioner who is appropriate to their clinical needs.

For any other questions please do not hesitate to enquire at reception on 01772 802200. The clinic will be alert to “frequently recurring questions” and these will be added on to this list as and when the time comes.

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