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Many injuries, such as tendon, ligament and muscle, are called “soft tissue injuries”. In many cases, a combination of clinical “hands-on” assessment and a musculoskeletal ultrasound (MskUS) scan can lead to the diagnosis. MskUS (also called "sonography") is a very safe, versatile, interactive and effective investigation for soft tissue pathology in the right hands. No radiation is involved.


Also, when explaining a condition to patients to help them understand what is going on, it is often very helpful for patients to have the scan of their injury compared and contrasted with the other "uninjured side".

Dr Robertson is an experienced sonographer, and a significant part of his education and hands-on training was courtesy of the industry-leading msk radiologists at Leeds Royal Infirmary & North Tees University Hospitals in 2003-2005. In addition he has published educational articles on MskUS.  In 2006 Dr Robertson was one of the first non-radiologists in the UK to gain a post-graduate qualification in MskUS (Lancaster University). Dr Robertson also co-founded the well respected (and CASE accredited) Ultrasound Training course at AECC (Bournemouth University) - and was an Honorary Lecturer there 2006-2015.


FYSICL has its own ultrasound scanner - using the latest modern equipment (a 2020 Alpinion ECube8 scanner) which affords cutting-edge images and panoramic views to help you understand any positive findings.


Msk scans are an important part of overall assessment of many injuries and can also be used to precisely guide injection therapy where (if this is a chosen option for you). Equally, if another clinician outside FYSICL simply request we do a “stand-alone scan and report”, this can be arranged as well.

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