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Your shared consult with the clinician may at times result in the recommendation to have an MRI scan (magnetic resonance imaging) to look more closely for the exact cause of your problem. Indeed, some patients may already have seen another practitioner who has recommended an MRI. Or you can bring a recent scan with you to discuss with Dr Robertson.


Either way, FYSICL uses only trusted centres to perform the MRI scan and their network of experienced and well trained skeletal radiologists to report the tests (the correct interpretation to match your symptoms is just as crucial as the scan itself).


For patients who are self-pay “1.5T” MRI scans can be arranged in the North West in a mobile scanner, and can offer a very affordable option that will give all the information required for most injuries.


If we suspect a more subtle or focussed cause of the pain, such as damaged cartilage in a joint, we recommend a “3T” MRI.


Please enquire about any of the above as needed.

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