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Some injuries are readily and very accurately diagnosed after giving all your injury story and details to the clinician, plus a physical examination and sometimes imaging tests such as ultrasound scan (in the office) or an MRI scan. In other cases where the symptoms may be more medical or harder to diagnose, the doctor may recommend other tests such as:


• Blood Tests*

• X-rays*

• Analysis of your foot posture and walk-run pressure points*













• Nerve conduction studies* (to check that the nerves to an affected area   are working normally).

• A muscle power test/BIODEX














* Some tests need to take place at another trusted facility of hospital. Rest assured trusted FYSICL clinicians will collaborate to clearly explain to you any suggested tests, their costs and their justification to you. However, at any stage, please don’t hesitate to enquire about further information or ask about alternatives.

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