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Dr Robertson can often see you without a GP referral. But before booking, please check details with your insurer and whether a GP referral letter is required.


We accept referrals for consultations from all the major insurance companies.

Costs may vary according to different insurance company agreement and facility recognition.


We are still working hard to expand our connection to medical insurers, but it does take time to negotiate and add formal agreements  for what we call "facility recognition" to the service. 


So whilst we can do all the treatments shown on the site, injection treatments and some physio under some insurers cover is still under-negotiation.  Hence some insurer referrals are limited to "consultation +/- diagnostic ultrasound scan" as of January 2022.


Please enquire if not sure. In the short term indeed, it may be less costly for some patients to self pay - depending on your excess. 



Dr Duncan Robertson:



For the first visit/initial consultation, Dr Robertson normally prefers to see patients face to face, not least so that a thorough examination can take place. However, initial assessments may be aappropriate by video on request (and on a case-by-case basis, if the physician feels this is a safe and effective option for you the patient). This has become a more popular option for some patients to consider, especially since the Coronoavirus pandemic.

  • Initial Consult (diagnostic US scan not needed):          185   (up to 50 minutes as required):

  • Initial Consult (diagnostic scan included/required**): 245   (up to 50 minutes as required):

  • Routine-Follow Up (face to face) :                 115   (face to face up to 30 minutes).

  • Short-Telephone/Video Follow Up:               90    (up to 20 minutes).​​; such "remote"  may suite certain patients better, especially those living further way (saving on time and travel costs).                                


 **DIAGNOSTIC SKELETAL ULTRASOUND  SCAN - when the consultant recommends a skeletal ultrasound examination is neceesary to help establish a diagnosis and treatment plan,

OTHER TREATMENTS (enquire directly for costs please)

The clinic offers the following specific treatments:

  • Cortisone Injection any peripheral joints including hip or shoulder joint and other locations (Ultrasound  Guidance): 

  • Sacroiliac Joint injection

  • Nerve Blocks for pain - please enquire about areas covred in scope.

  • High Volume Injection (HVI) for chronic achilles or patella (knee) tendon injury: 

  • Hydrodistension guided injection to Shoulder Joint for Frozen Shoulder: 

  • Traumeel Injection for Acute Sports Injury (includes Ultrasound Guidance): 

  •  "Viscosupplements" injections for osteoarthritic joint pain - such as Durolane, Ostenil and Cingal.

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injection gel based closed technique

  • Prolotherapy with Dextrose or Polidocanol Solution for ligament injury or persistent knee or elbow bursitis (includes Ultrasound Guidance).

  • A combination of the above (in conjunction with a careful rehabilitation progreamme) may also be recommended, again on a case-by-case individual basis.

  • Shockwave - (ESWT) - Storz masterpuls radial shockwave. £60 per treatment. Recommend minimum of three to know if it is having an effect. If you are responding well after the third, 4-6 total are recommended (£50 each for 4th, 5th and 6th)



  • For payments after 7 days, there is an additional £10 administration fee on top of the full fee.

  • For payments delayed more than 60 days, the clinic reserves the right to add £10 for each reminder.


Fees for Physiotherpay vary slightly according to whether it is an in-depth initial assessment of a review. please click on the pricing buttom below to find out more information. Diane will reply.




physio fin price.png


Shockwave Therapy (ESWT)

The clinic uses a STORZ Masterpuls100 Shockwave device.

Duncan to add content and images 

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